A VICAR has beaten his goal in setting the world record for the speed of a motorcycle hearse carrying a coffin.

The Reverend Ray Biddiss, got his custom-made motorcycle hearse, called The Rocket, up to 114.1 mph in the attempt held at Elvington Airfield today.

Mr Biddiss, 57, told The Press before the event that he wouldn’t consider it a record unless the vehicle, which is fitted with a three-cylinder 2.3 litre Triumph Rocket III engine, went faster than 100mph, although he needed to reach 80mph to set the record.

He said it was a “real buzz” to smash his target.

“I was thinking I could maybe do 105mph, but even on the practice run, it was 107mph and I was just feeling it out. The Triumph Rocket engine is capable of 135 to 140 mph in a motorbike, but we have adapted it to carry a coffin,” he said.

“I have never taken it to that sort of speed. It was very stable. The only problem was the side wind, which was making it interesting at that speed.”

It will now take three days for the Guiness World Records to confirm the record with the evidence, which includes video footage and time stamped professional speed gun recordings.

Mr Biddiss, a biker for more than 40 years, has a full-time ministry holding life celebration funerals for religious and non-religious people. He developed the bespoke motorcycle hearse in partnership with DTB Panther Trikes in Liversedge, to provide an alternative at funerals for bikers or non-bikers who just want something different.

He said although bikers won’t be able to take their final journey at 114mph, he could do little bursts of speed if required.

“It can accelerate very quickly from a stand still to a legal limit, which is exciting in itself,” he said.