THE Archbishop of York has urged people to rejoice in the royal wedding and wish the happy couple all the best.

Dr John Sentamu was speaking about the benefits of marriage and its role in society.

He said he hoped the wedding would inject a bit of hope into the country, and said how well suited he thought the couple were.

The archbishop, who will be a guest at Westminster Abbey, said he was looking to a “very glorious service which will have a lot of hope, a lot of fun”.

He said it was important to raise children in a home where they knew that their father and mother had committed themselves to one another “till death us do part”, because such stability was very important.

He said marriage was a commitment to the wellbeing of society and the wellbeing of community. “When people are married, society should rejoice,” he said. “Society should be around supporting that particular couple; and the families and the friends should also be standing behind supporting one another.”