A SERIOUSLY ill boy from York will have one of his dreams come true after a charity agreed to pay for him to meet his hero Thomas The Tank Engine.

Alfie Oliver, who is on the waiting list for a double heart and lung transplant, is looking forward to the trip to the Thomas World theme park later this month, thanks to the When You Wish Upon A Star charity.

The two-year-old’s mother, Tracey, said her son was excited about the day despite requiring constant medication and having undergone gruelling heart surgery.

She said: “We had been thinking for a while about looking into something like this for Alfie because he loves Thomas The Tank Engine.

“He keeps looking at clips of Thomas World on the internet and he’s getting really excited.”

The trip was organised after Alfie’s health worker raised his case with the charity and the date was set for later this month. When You Wish Upon A Star specialises in dream trips for youngsters with life threatening illnesses.

Alfie, from Crombie Avenue in Clifton, was born with a heart disorder, requiring immediate life-saving surgery. He also has the rare lung disorder Pulmonary Hypertension.

Throughout his young life he has battled ill health, but still manages to surprise doctors with his energy and happiness.

Tracey said: “We were down at Great Ormond Street eight weeks ago and he has had a tube inserted in to his stomach which was originally just for medication, but recently he’s been struggling to eat so we are giving him a milk drink full of nutrients through the tube.”

Alfie was recently assessed for a double heart and lung transplant, though his parents were told the chances of finding a donor were small.

“He’s been on the list for about a month now, but there’s a tiny bit of hope,” said Tracey.

“But he’s actually developing really well as a child.

“He’s really defying the odds. At Leeds, they always expect him to look worse and they are amazed because he’s looking so good.”