I AM sure that K Holmes's letter (Kill Your Speed, Not Lambs, August 23) pulled a few heart strings.

I also hope that it does make people more cautious when driving.

But I would like to illustrate how, if we do care about that, there are other issues we should be just as passionate about, with an edited version of that letter: Uncaring, carnivorous consumers are causing carnage across the globe.

Many lambs and their mothers are being killed, especially in conditions so terrible you would not like to imagine.

It is a disturbing and sickening sight to see these poor animals dead on the supermarket shelves.

Something urgently needs to be done to prevent these unnecessary deaths.

Why can't consumers behave themselves, and eat their vegetables, and not the sheep (or any other sentient being for that matter)?

Talia Minger, Kingfisher Close, Huntington, York.