WORKERS at Drax Power Station who fear eco-protesters could blockade the plant have been reassured by bosses.

Staff at the power station, near Selby, have been told that back-up plans are in place should climate change campaigners try to shut it down.

Stephen Penn, chairman of Barlow Parish Council, said many residents who work at Drax were fearful of running a gauntlet of demonstrators at the plant's front gates.

The Press reported on Monday how green protestors at the Camp For Climate Action plan to close down the plant in a day of direct action tomorrow.

Coun Penn said: "There are a lot of people in the village who work at the power station and who are concerned about it.

"They are particularly concerned that they can get to work in safety. They are worried about damage to vehicles as they drive through a crowd of people.

"I understand that Drax has taken a number of steps depending on what happens or doesn't happen around the front gates of the power station."

The news comes as environmental activists yesterday picketed Hartlepool nuclear power station to protest against the Government's plans to build more reactors.

They unfurled a banner saying "No More" to oppose moves to construct a second generation of nuclear plants.

Drax Power Station bosses recently won a court injunction to ban protesters from the site and restrict access to a nearby footpath.

But some campaigners said from their squatted camp on farmland near Barlow Common nature reserve that they plan to breach the injunction to close Drax down.

Drax spokeswoman Melanie Wedgbury said the firm planned for business as usual tomorrow.

She said: "We know that the police work very hard in such a situation to clear the highway and so we would ordinarily expect people to be able to get in and out of the site as usual.

"If something more serious did happen, then, of course, we plan to operate business as usual and we do not intend to have any disruption to our operations.

"Therefore we will get people on to site and therefore we have to consider all scenarios. We would be foolish not to."

Police issue warning to eco-warriors

POLICE have warned eco-warriors camped out in North Yorkshire that they will clamp down on any illegal activism, after power lines were damaged in a separate incident.

Poles carrying lines were cut down at Fryston, near Castleford ,and there have also been protests at Hartlepool power station.

Police said there was no evidence of a link between those protests and the ten-day Camp for Climate Action at Barlow Common, near Selby, but warned the campers not to step out of line.

Deputy Chief Constable Ian McPherson said: "It is certainly a remarkable coincidence that there should be three events within 24 hours, all involving the power supply.

"I would be very disappointed indeed if it turned out that the demonstrators at the climate camp were involved in any illegal action.

"While a few of them have said publicly they are prepared to break the law as part of their campaign on climate change, the majority have impressed us as sincere, responsible people.

"I hope I am not doing this decent majority an injustice when I say once again that whilst this force will facilitate lawful and peaceful protest, we will deal swiftly and firmly with any criminality or disorder."