THE footage of Anne, Britain’s last circus elephant, being beaten by circus workers angered the nation (Letters, April 1).

Anne has now been re-homed, and will live out the rest of her years away from her life of suffering in the circus. Anne’s plight represents all of the wild animals in UK circuses today. The constant transportation, inadequate housing and performing means that the welfare needs of circus animals cannot be met.

The public outrage at the treatment of Anne led to mass protests outside the circus, and hundreds of letters being written to MPs, newspapers and councils.

Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State for Defra, is reported to be “minded to pursue a ban” on wild animal acts in circuses.

We need to ensure the Government does introduce such a ban. Please contact your MP asking them to support a ban. Write to Caroline Spelman urging her to introduce a ban without delay.

Anne has been rescued from the circus, and now we need to make sure animals remaining in circuses have their happy endings.

Fiona Peacock, Campaigns officer The Captive Animals’ Protection Society PO Box 4186, Manchester.