A TEMPORARY military headquarters at Imphal Barracks in York which prepared soldiers for operations in Afghanistan, has closed.

The Army’s 6th (UK) Division was set up at Imphal Barracks in Fulford in 2008 and drew 54 military officers from all three services into specialist roles.

The division, commanded first by Major General Jacko Page and then latterly by Major General Nick Carter, trained 3 Commando Brigade and subsequent brigades for their operational tours of Helmand.

Lieutenant Colonel Hignett, the Division’s Rear Party Commanding Officer, said: “The Division was needed temporarily because we had two operations, Iraq and Afghanistan, running at the same time. Now that our commitments have lessened, 1 and 3 UK Divisions are able to fulfil the Regional Command role in Afghanistan and 6 UK Division is no longer needed. As with many large organisations, this has been an internal reorganisation and the 54 members of the military have been absorbed back into the armed forces.

“We are proud of what we have achieved.”