AN EX-RAF serviceman who served in North Yorkshire more than 60 years ago has revisited his old RAF station.

Dennis Overs, who spent his National Service at RAF Linton-on-Ouse and nearby Rufforth, made the trip back to Yorkshire to celebrate his 80th birthday.

Mr Overs was a 19-year-old leading aircraftsman and flight line mechanic when he was at Linton, working on the station communications flight, which was equipped with Avro Anson and Airspeed Oxford aircraft.

On his return visit, he was taken to the stores to be kitted out with a new beret, having mislaid his at some point during the past 60 years. He said the clothing stores had changed little since his time in the RAF, except that they were now managed by civilian contractor Babcocks.

Contract manager Ian Brannick said: “We were delighted to help kit Dennis out with a new beret. After all his adventures as a National Serviceman here at Linton, it was the least we could do. It was great to have Dennis here, and he was obviously thrilled to be back at his old base.”

Mr Overs, of Birmingham, made two parachute jumps during his National Service. One was for a five shilling bet, but the second was more hair-raising.

He said: “We were in an Airspeed Oxford flying up to RAF Kinloss with some stores. The aircraft was quite heavy, so we had to fly through the valleys rather than go over the top of the mountains. “The aircraft flew through a flock of birds, which damaged both of the wooden propellers. The pilot just shouted for us to get out, so we all jumped, including a good mate of mine who swore blind he would stay with the aircraft rather than jump out, such was his fear of heights.”

Flight Lieutenant Dave Williams, from the base, organised the celebrations, helped by Mr Overs’ daughter, Susan.

He said: “It’s a pleasure to show veterans around Linton as they always have such fond memories of the station. There is something about the place and the people that leaves a lasting impression on all that have served here.”