THE volunteers who help look after and improve Pocklington Canal for their community have won an award for their hard work.

British Waterways manager Jon Horsfall presented the North East regional award for volunteering to Paul Waddington, chairman of Pocklington Canal Amenity Society, in honour of 12 months of effort by society members.

In 2010 the society received £45,000 of European funding which, together with their own fundraising, paid for approach landings at seven locks and swing bridges along the canal.

Mr Horsfall said: “The Pocklington Canal Amenity Society has done a fantastic job promoting and caring for their local waterway and that deserves to be celebrated. They are a great example of what volunteering can achieve, and we are proud to be associated with them.”

Mr Waddington said: “The society is delighted that the new landing stages will make it much easier for boaters visiting the canal.”