A FAMILY-LOVING couple whose daughter competed in the Olympic Games were today celebrating an incredible 75 years together.

Laura, 92, and Charles Musgrove, 93, who live next door to their daughter on one side with grand- daughter and great-grandchildren on the other in Haxby, say a close-knit family is the secret to their happy marriage.

The couple said one of the most memorable moments of their marriage was when daughter Pauline swam the backstroke in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Mr Musgrove said: “As far as I am concerned that was one of the best things to have happened. Everybody there was so friendly.

“There was a collection at the Evening Press to take her to the Olympics.”

The couple met while they were teenagers working at the Rowntree factory and married in 1936.

Daughter Pauline was born a year after their wedding at St Mary’s Church, in Tadcaster.

In 1941 Mr Musgrove was conscripted into the Army. He was wounded when shrapnel hit his eye while he was fighting in Italy, but he recovered from his injuries and managed to return safely to York.

He was eventually promoted to be assistant manager at Rowntree’s.

The couple agreed the secret to their happy marriage is tolerance.

Mrs Musgrove said: “Understanding is one thing. I think you have got to have patience and understanding.”

Mr Musgrove said: “You just need love.” Grand-daughter Karen, 43, said: “They are good role models – not many people reach 75 years of marriage and I am very proud of them.”

They plan to celebrate with a gathering of close family and friends.