AN ADVENTURER from East Yorkshire has braved sub-zero temperatures on a mission to visit extreme locations across Yorkshire.

Andy Strangeway, 46, a decorator from Full Sutton, decided he would spend a night at the extreme north, south, east and west points of Yorkshire as well as a night on top of each of the three Ridings’ summits.

Andy, who is also known as the Island Man, initially undertook the adventure as a training exercise for his summer expedition to Rockall, a small and remote outcrop in the north Atlantic, 180 miles west of mainland Scotland.

He said: “I looked at going to Yorkshire’s extreme points but that was too easy so I thought I’d do the three summits and that was too easy. So I decided to sleep on them as well. And in the middle of winter.”

He started on October 30 when he slept on Tyke’s Way in North Yorkshire. In November he slept on the North Riding summit, Mickle Fell, the Greave Clough Head in West Yorkshire and the West Riding summit, Whernside. In January, Andy spent a night on the East Riding summit, Bishop Wilton Wold, and Spurn Point in East Yorkshire.

He ended his mission with a night on Grange Farm in South Yorkshire on February 6.

Each night, all he had was a sleeping bag, food, water and essential medical kit.

He said: “Mickle Fell is surrounded by a live military firing range. I had to liaise about sleeping there because they only have so many free days.

“I made a bad decision when I needed to cross the Tees River. I was walking down the Pennine Way four or five miles south of Cauldron Snout and I tried to cross the river at about six o’clock. I walked in and the water went up to my knees, then my waist, neck, and then I was all the way in.

“When I got out I was shivering and all I could do was take all my clothes off, wring them out, and get into my sleeping bag.”

In 2007 Andy became the first person to spend the night on all 162 of Scotland’s islands of 40 hectares and above, and in 2009, he became the first person to land the four extreme points of Scotland.

On Rockall, he will face ocean swells of more than 20ft, raise the Yorkshire flag and replace the plaque claiming the land for Queen Elizabeth II before sleeping overnight. He said: “I liaised with the UK Government about restoring the Queen’s plaque.”