WHAT a truly appalling letter by Heather Causnett criticising the owners of dogs killed in a tragic accident (Letters, January 22).

Her attitude is typical of an animal fanatic, unable to look at any issue regarding animals in a reasoned way.

A woman ties a dog to the back of her husband’s car, without his knowledge.

He didn’t know he would drive off without her; he did not know the dogs were there.

That is an accident that I am sure will have distressed the owners greatly, and I feel very sorry for them.

I also feel sorry for Heather as she appears to lack compassion for her fellow human beings.

Jeremy Whaley, Froxfield, Petersfield, Hampshire.

• I AGREE with Heather Causnett about the owners of the two rottweilers.

They both should be charged with cruelty; what sort of a person ties their dogs to the back of a car and then drags them to their deaths?

The police should also charge them with endangering other peoples lives.

If the dogs had hit someone, you could have been looking at serious injury or loss of life. Why didn’t the driver of the 4x4 see the dogs in his mirrors?

D Fillingham, The Crossways, York.