Two teenagers have been arrested in York in connection with the riots that broke out during last week’s student fees demonstration in London.

The two men, both aged 19, live in York, but police have not confirmed which university they attend.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the men were arrested on suspicion of violent disorder and have been released on bail pending further inquiries.

A spokeswoman for York St John University told The Press the men were not their students, and a University of York spokesman said they did not know.

He said: “Until we have more information, we are unable to confirm that the two people involved are University of York students.

“Any University of York student who is convicted of a criminal offence would then be dealt with in accordance with the University’s disciplinary procedures.”

During last Wednesday's demonstration, protesters stormed Millbank Tower, the Tory HQ in Westminster.

Windows were smashed, graffiti daubed on walls and missiles, including a fire extinguisher, were thrown from the seventh floor roof.

A four-hour stand-off ended when police brought in more than a hundred extra officers to clear the building and the road outside.

The Metropolitan Police have launched Operation Malone in a bid to trace those responsible for the violence and vandalism and 61 arrests have been made so far.