MEDICAL charities play an important role in human health, yet many conduct or fund invasive research on animals. To highlight this, Animal Aid will be holding a Day of Action for Humane Medical Research on November 13, urging people to donate only to charities that are not involved in vivisection.

Not only is animal research harmful to animals, it is also potentially harmful to people. Different species react differently to drugs and procedures. Drugs that are shown to be safe in animals may later prove to be dangerous in humans, while valuable cures and treatments can be missed if they fail in animal tests.

Stopping animal experiments will not mean an end to scientific progress. Modern non-animal methods will allow us to obtain data that is more accurate and relevant to human health, and therefore more likely to lead to effective treatments.

For a free list of charities and their vivisection policies, contact Animal Aid on (mailto: or phone 01732 364546.

Chris Flanagan, Alma Terrace, York.