AS an avid reader, I would like to thank your reporters for the stories they bring us.

First ‘Yesterday Once More’, September 20, in which Reginald Harman recalled about his life in the RAF.

Mr Harman was stationed at RAF Camp Rufforth 1944. I was a young girl at the time, but had watched the aerodrome being built. We lived at the end of the runway and watched the Halifax planes coming and going.

Some years later, I married an RAF man stationed at Rufforth. We settled down to married life and have five children. They did not show any interest in the forces, but did enjoy sport, so we would read the column written by the late Peter Wilmott. Also two of my boys took up fishing, joining various clubs.

The fishing column was written then by Derick Starkey, now taken over by his son, Darren – his father would be proud.

Along came grandchildren. They showed interest in sport, also keen fishing goes on, so we are reading those columns again.

Our eldest grandson has come back from his duty in Afghanistan and has been awarded his medal from Prince Charles.

The Press covers interesting topics. Keep up the good work.

Joan Long, Kingfisher Drive, Bridlington.