WITH reference to the title and genderless MJM Mcdonald’s letter of October 15 correcting previous correspondence, more correction is needed it seems.

The chimney in question, as any resident of York of 60 years and above will know, was part of York Power Station on Foss Islands Road, which was still operating and generating electricity in the 1950s and maybe into the early 1960s.

If I remember rightly, there was also an old cooling tower at the other side of the Foss.

The waste incinerator usage was a relatively short-lived attempt to reduce landfill in times when it was okay to belch filthy polluting smoke into the air over our beautiful city.

The landfill sites in the 1950s were the brick ponds near Hob Moor buried under what is now Acorn ARL, the indoor bowling club and near Edmund Wilson baths.

These used to stink and infest all the local council housing estates with millions of flies and provide a health and safety nightmare of a playground for local children hunting for useful discarded waste.

I know for I was one of those children.

Alan Raimes, Melwood Grove, York.