A BOY needed extensive surgery to his arm after he was savaged by a dog as he played in a park near York.

Police said Adam Wheeler was left in a pool of blood with only a young friend for comfort as the female owner of the large black dog walked off following the attack in Woody Park, near Knapton Close, Strensall.

Adam, 10, needed 15 stitches and has been left with two long scars running down his underarm and forearm, following treatment at the plastic surgery unit at Leeds General Infirmary.

His mother, Jasmine Myler, of The Village, Strensall, hailed Adam’s bravery. She said he was an “extremely placid and lovely little boy who loves dogs – especially his own Collie cross called Molly”.

Inspector Shaun Sutcliffe, of York Police, is appealing for anyone who knows the teenage girl and the large black dog she was walking – thought to be a Labrador cross – to come forward.

He said: “I don’t know how she sleeps at night.”

Adam was with his friend in the park playing at about 6.45pm on Tuesday last week when two girls, aged about 16, walked by with a dog on a lead.

Jasmine, 37, said: “The dog managed to get away and just went for Adam. It ripped open his arm then ran off.

“His friend got really upset and shouted at the girls that the dog needed a muzzle; apparently they shouted something obscene back and just walked off.”

Adam managed to get to his friend’s house nearby and his mother called for an ambulance. He was taken to York Hospital and later transferred to Leeds General Infirmary, where surgeons spent the following two days treating his wounds.

Jasmine said: “They did a fantastic job. There were several deep cuts to both sides of his arm, but they had worked to make it one neat scar on his underarm and another smaller one on his forearm.

“After surgery he was quite happy. He hadn’t eaten for about 24 hours at that point so he was spoilt with strawberry milkshakes.

“Luckily all that has happened has not scarred him emotionally, just physically.

“He has been so brave throughout it all. But what we want is for the girl and the dog to be found.

“I just cannot believe that girl left; I am disgusted.”

Insp Sutcliffe said: “Police believe other persons were in the location at the time and urge them to come forward.

“I also personally appeal to the person who was in charge of this dog at that time; they must have known what terrible injuries the dog caused and are wrestling with their conscience on a daily basis.

“Please contact the police and do the right thing.”

Anyone with information should phone PC Ruth Atkins on 0845 6060247.