YORK landlady Sarah Skrzypiec was startled when she found a foul-smelling box in her pub’s snug – with the message scrawled on it: “From the Godfather”.

When she opened the box – addressed to York ghost walk organiser Trevor Rooney – she was horrified to find a cooked pig’s head, with two tomatoes stuffed in its mouth.

Sarah, who runs the Royal Oak, in Goodramgate, said if the person who left the head there was intending to be amusing, she did not see the funny side of it.

“We are a food establishment and for someone to leave a rotting pig’s head in a public area like this is disgusting.”

Chef Dan Webb said: “I have been a chef for 20 years and have never heard of anything like this before.”

Trevor Rooney, who has run a ghost walk in York for 30 years, said: “This has not been seen as a joke by myself or Sarah. I find it all very sick and don’t take kindly to it, as both me and Sarah see it as quite threatening and scary.”

He said his ghost walk had always finished at the Black Swan, in Peasholme Green, until about three weeks ago when, following a dispute with the landlord, he switched to the Royal Oak.

James Tillotson, bar manager at the Black Swan, said he had spoken to staff and was satisfied they had not been involved in what had been described as a bit of ‘piggery-pokery.’ He said a customer had instead been behind the prank.

A man, who only wanted to be known as Paul and said he was a Black Swan customer, told The Press he was responsible.

He said: “I hold my hands up.

“It was only intended as a bit of fun. It’s got blown up out of all proportion.

“It was intended for Trevor. I didn’t know anyone else would get their snout into it.

“I have thought about taking some flowers, wine and a pork pie round to the pub, but I don’t know whether it would be appreciated.”

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said the incident had been reported to the force, but it was not a crime and was not being investigated.