MOTORISTS are being reminded they must stop at school crossing patrols after a lollipop lady in North Yorkshire was nearly knocked down by a car.

The woman driver was fined £50 and ordered to pay £250 costs after being convicted in court of failing to stop at a school crossing patrol in the Selby area.

The lollipop lady who was manning the crossing told the court she had to spin sideways to avoid being hit and feared she was going to be knocked down.

North Yorkshire County Council has now launched a new awareness drive, reminding motorists they must Stop For The Lollipop.

Inspector Dave Brown, head of roads policing for North Yorkshire Police, said: “That a school crossing patrol should have to jump out of the way of a car is a disgrace. This is a warning to drivers to slow down and take more care – they can be fined up to £1,000, with three penalty points or disqualification for failing to stop for a patrol. “North Yorkshire Police take the safety of children and families very seriously and will prosecute any motorist who flouts the law and puts children’s or school crossing patrols’ lives at risk.”

Barry Johnson, school crossing patrol officer for the southern area of North Yorkshire, said: “Lives are being put at risk here. Most motorists take notice, but it is the odd one that makes it dangerous for the patrol, the children and the adults they’re trying to help.”

The lollipop lady involved in the court case did not want to be named and the incident was not at Selby Community Primary.

Janice Sheller, who has been a lollipop lady at Selby Community Primary for 27 years, said: “Most drivers do stop, but you do get the odd ones, and it is dangerous. I had a lady recently who said she didn’t see me, she drove straight on as I was waiting for a child to cross. She said she didn’t know she had to wait.”