THERE’S something out there – and it's flying over Selby.

A local man has reported how he saw a UFO in the sky over the district.

Writing on the forum of website, a resident of Whitley has told how he saw something in the sky on Tuesday night.

Calling himself Darkjedig, the man, who used to live in Florida, said on the forum: “I am just wanting to see if anyone in the North Yorkshire area in England, has seen a UFO tonight.

“I have been seeing a lot lately and have tried to film them on my phone camera, but they don’t show up.

“Tonight however, I saw one while sitting in my bedroom.

“Around 9.30pm, I noticed a bright white light slowly floating past my window.

“It was silent, had no flashing lights, and was low for a plane.

“I have not seen a plane go past there before and although Doncaster/Sheffield airport has planes coming from the west at night, they are much further away.

“I got my phone out and went to film it hoping it would show up.

“I opened the velux window as wide as I could and I managed to film a little of it, but it was hard to get it to show up and was hard to tell if it was moving.

“I watched for another five to ten seconds and it went up at a 75 degree angle, to the left of two stars and disappeared.

“The thing literally went into space. I was stunned to say the least.”

Another subscriber to the website said he had also seen a flashing light in the sky above Hemingbrough at about 9pm.

Suggestions from other people that the UFO was actually a Chinese lantern or the International Space Station (ISS) were dismissed.

Darkjedig said: “The object was definitely not the ISS.

“It was much lower than a plane usually is when they approach from my left side. This is above a tree line that runs perpendicular to the A19, which is behind my house.

“The object was a bright white light slowly floating horizontally until it shot up quickly and disappeared into the sky. It was much too fast and not orange for a lantern and without a doubt too low initially to be the ISS.”

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said they had had no reports of UFOs from members of the public.