SHE broke both arms when she was forced off the road by a lorry – now York cyclist Moira Bradbury’s accident has prompted a new safety campaign for cyclists and lorry drivers.

Ms Bradbury, 54, is only recently back on her bike after the accident, which happened two years ago while on holiday in Scotland.

A haulage vehicle forced her off the road as it overtook her, resulting in an accident in which she sustained a dislocated collarbone as well as the broken arms.

The support worker, from the Boroughbridge Road area, returned to work after a nine- month absence, including time in hospital and intense physiotherapy.

Ms Bradbury is a diabetic who, as a result of her injuries, had to make regular trips to hospital to have her insulin pump changed for her.

She said: “It didn’t just affect me physically.

“I haven’t really felt confident on the road since the accident. I got quite emotional.”

City of York Council offered one-on-one cycle training to help her regain her confidence on the road.

Matthew Tomlinson, personal injury specialist for the legal firm which has represented her in a legal case since the accident, Russell Jones & Walker of Sheffield said: “Moira’s injuries could have been avoided had the driver of the HGV not driven in such an inconsiderate and careless manner.”

Now the firm has been prompted by her injuries and those of other clients to set up the 2 Way Street Campaign, which calls for a better understanding between HGV drivers and cyclists and also more cycle lanes across the UK.

The campaign, launched by TV presenter Gail Porter with support from the national cyclists’ body CTC, included a survey of 1,000 cyclists and 1,000 lorry drivers, and found many lorry drivers worried more about cyclists than any other road users, while many cyclists felt lorries posed a considerable threat to them.

Chris Peck, of the CTC, said it would like to see cycle awareness training for all HGV drivers.

Ms Bradbury said if the new campaign helped make just one lorry driver take more care when passing cyclists, it would have been worthwhile.