I WRITE in regard to the Ouse Seal story. I was horrified to read of such a cruel and sickening act.

I cannot understand why anybody would do such a terrible thing.

These people should be ashamed of themselves and I wish they would be brought to justice to end this cruelty.

I’m sure the kind people who rescued this orphaned seal pup and cared for it in 2004 did not think that, only a few years later, this is how the poor seal would meet its fate when released into the wild.

This may not be the only area in which this terrible act has occurred, but all I can hope is that the RSPCA do not release any other seals at or near the York area.

If someone is cruel enough to do this to these beautiful animals, I would make a plea to take them to a safer place so as to save any further suffering.

LS Bailey, William Jacques Drive, Cliffe.