York’s Ghostfinder General, Rachel Lacy, gets in training for tomorrow’s Jane Tomlinson 10k run dressed as a cavalier.

Five years after she did the Race for Life in costume, Rachel Lacy is going to do it all over again but this time doubling the distance.

Rachel, 37, who is currently organising the city’s seventh ghost festival, is more used to building websites, researching, writing, hunting for ghosts and fighting on battlefields than running – or as she’s planning, fast walking.

“I did the last one at a decent walking pace, and I can remember how exhausting it was for somebody as unfit as me in 17th century costume, I’ll definitely have to pace myself for this one,” says Rachel.

“I have a number of costumes from my years of re-enacting, and I could possibly have chosen a lighter one but I wanted to wear the one I am most used to being in. Plus, I wasn’t doing it dressed as a woman – long skirts and a corset I think would be one of the worst things I could be wearing for this.”

Rachel will be raising money for Help for Heroes, a popular charity in the Sealed Knot, one of the re-enactment groups she belongs to, as there are a number of service and ex-service personnel involved.

You can sponsor Rachel by visiting her online fundraising page on http://www.justgiving.com/Rachel-Lacy