THIS “ssssshocking” snake was discovered by Joan Winteringham under her wheelie bin when she was putting her rubbish out for recycling.

Joan, who lives in Carter Avenue, Heworth, said the snake was “piled up” under the green bin when she found it on Monday night.

But when it saw her, it became hostile.

She said: “It was a vicious and aggressive little thing and really quite horrible.

“I didn’t know how to get hold of it, but eventually managed to trap it in a shoebox using a stick.”

Joan didn’t know what to do with the snake, and tried unsuccessfully to contact the RSPCA.

She then got in touch with Leaping Lizards, a local reptile shop, which came to collect the snake from her at Mulberry Court, the care home where she works.

Joan was anxious for the snake to be picked up as soon as possible, having given her such a scare, but she had kept it in a shoebox in her car until the morning, fearing it might otherwise escape. She believed it might be someone’s pet which had escaped.

Leaping Lizards confirmed the creature, pinkish in colour, was an “amelanistic corn snake”.

Jason Snaith, of Leaping Lizards, said: “We will put it into quarantine like we do with all lost and found snakes and feed it up. Then it will most likely go in to a breeding programme.”

Corn snakes are popular pets due to their moderate size, with the average length for an adult being about four to five feet, as well as their reluctance to bite. They are usually known as having a good temperament, being quite docile and easy to tame.

• Anyone who owns the snake should phone Leaping Lizards on 01904 783600 or The Press newsdesk on 01904 567131.