There is an obvious contradiction in Bryan R Lawson’s letter (July 8) defending fox hunting. He states: “The majority of farmers would like hunting to return as it is the only humane way to properly control their numbers (foxes).”

In paragraph 5 he states “ Most foxes get away...”. So how does this control numbers?

If Mr Lawson thinks that it is more “humane” for a fox to be torn to pieces by hounds while it is still alive than it is for it to be shot, then he inhabits a different world to the one I live in.

B Emmerson, Charles Street, Selby.

• I should like to respond to Peter Blake’s letter (July 8) about foxhunting.

I note that he was a saboteur and obviously will present a biased view. I have no shame in admitting that I am a fox hunter and I love the sport.

I enjoy my time out in the field and love to see the hounds working. There is no “blood lust” as far as I’m concerned. I have been in at the kill, pre-ban, on many an occasion.

I am content that hunting is the best way to control the fox population. It’s a naturally selective test geared to remove the old and the weak and so promotes the overall welfare of the fox population.

I wouldn’t go out there and be part of it if I thought it was cruel, would I? I’m a normal family man in a steady job. I have no criminal history or dangerous vices.

It’s obvious that Mr Blake will try to smear us normal country folk – he’s a hunt saboteur!

I think repeal is inevitable as the ban does not work, the police should not waste time on it and it does nothing for the fox.

Peter Lacy, Southampton.

• Here we go again, letters for and against killing foxes.

It was shocking and sad the two children were hurt by a fox and I would not wish to undermine that, but I wish the pro-hunters would not use this rare case to argue their cause.

I am tired of the same old arguments from pro-hunters and blood-thirsty individuals who accuse foxes of killing for fun. Well, how about the barbaric killing of living creatures that humans take part in for fun? I would of thought we do much more harm to other living creatures than foxes do.

The hunters tell us they don’t do it for fun, they do it to control fox numbers. But then they tell us they don’t kill many foxes as they get away.

If they were in the pest control business then wouldn’t they be out of business in a very short time?

S Williams, Acomb, York.