I HAVE just read Christine Keller’s letter on fox hunting (June 29), saying that “foxes are not hunted for fun”.

I have been on fox hunts as a saboteur, and for her to say a fox being hunted in other ways can result in them being injured is absolutely ridiculous.

Huntsmen cannot keep up with hounds, resulting in the foxes being used as a tug of war and being ripped to bits. Then, when the line of people in red catch up, they have suffered terribly. I have witnessed it.

As for hounds following their instinct, well if they had not been “encouraged” to follow their instinct and controlled they would not be able to. A fox has no one to stop it following its instinct.

I have yet to hear of anyone who supports fox hunting hold their hands up and admit they enjoy the blood lust. Why? Are they ashamed but cannot help themselves of their sadistic cravings.

Hunters says “they only do it to help the farmer”. Of course they do!

Peter Blake, Langley House, York.