Having read Bryan Lawson’s letter (The Press, June 21) with interest, he does perhaps need to answer his own question and elaborate further.

Is Bryan suggesting that we should set about hunting foxes to extinction following the attack on the two babies living in the London area? And if this is the case, where do we stop?

Is it time to wipe out all of the United Kingdom’s domestic dog population? After all they do have form, some of which has resulted in human fatalaties.

Then there are the cows. Should all of our bovine population be eradicated to stop the needless loss of further walkers? Are all horses to be wiped out to stop them throwing their riders and killing or injuring them?

Then there is the further problem of all those sheep wandering about out there carrying life-threatening ticks – are they to be hunted down and slaughtered too?

The list is endless, is it really that frightening out there or does Bryan need to take a reality check?

Gary Flakes, St Swithin’s Walk, Holgate, York