BEING one of the “anti-hunt brigade” that Bryan Lawson refers to in his letter, I felt I had to respond (How do we feel about foxes now? June 21).

It is not how I feel about foxes, badgers, dogs, ducks or any other animal that has ever been the issue. I believe all creatures deserve respect and have the right to live on this planet unharmed by humanity.

I think that Mr Lawson, along with the other “pro-hunt fraternity”, always misses the point.

It is possible that foxes kill “for fun”, but they are animals of supposedly lesser intelligence than humans. They follow an instinct that has been with them for thousands of years.

What has always been the point is that in today’s society, it is unacceptable that a supposedly intelligent human being kills any creature “for fun”.

Sad as it is to hear about the young twins in London, we often hear in the news about children tragically being mauled to death by family pet dogs.

Domestic cats these days kill “for fun”. Again following instinct.

Ruth Craven, St Stephens Road, Acomb, York.