YORK’S MP will have the job of keeping his colleagues in line in Westminster for the next two weeks, after taking on a new role.

Hugh Bayley will be one of Parliament’s two temporary Deputy Speakers until the three permanent holders of the position are confirmed on June 8.

Mr Bayley was approached by the current Speaker, John Bercow, to step in for the coming fortnight alongside Sir Alan Haselhurst as the new Government settles in. His duties, which will include chairing debates and keeping order in the Commons on a daily basis, began last night. Mr Bayley will be unable to participate in debates or ask Parliamentary questions during his temporary stint as Deputy Speaker, but the role will also give him closer access to ministers and influential figures within Westminster.

“It is a great honour and privilege to be asked to do this and I am very flattered to have been chosen,” he said.

“Being Deputy Speaker on a temporary basis will be a great experience and will also give me an insight into how the Speakers’ Office works. As well as chairing sessions in the House, I will also be attending the Speakers’ Conference, which discuss how the Parliamentary business of the day is handled.

“However, it is not something I wish to do permanently because I want to retain my ability to speak in the House of Commons.”