A FORMER homeless hostel controversially closed in York is scheduled for demolition tomorrow, The Press has been told.

David Scott, leader of the Labour opposition on City of York Council, said the date for flattening the old Peasholme Centre had been set by the council, and his attempts to get the work delayed had been rejected.

Coun Scott said: “I believe it is a mistake for this building to be pulled down when it could be earning the council money or put to good use by a charity.”

The centre was relocated from Peasholme Green to Fishergate last year.

The move was originally intended to make way for the council’s new headquarters at Hungate, but that move has now been shelved. The council now hopes to sell the land to another major employer.

Coun Scott said: “The sale of this site is likely to be years away. There is no need to act with such haste and waste even more money.

“This is just an attempt by the Lib Dems to hide a reminder of the waste of the money spent at the abandoned Hungate headquarters”.