RESEARCH by my MP Hugh Bayley has revealed the chaotic state of the Iraq oil industry.

He writes: "The difficulty appears to be assessing whether the federal government will have control of future oil fields, and considerable dispute appears to be taking place about this."

A letter from Iraqi oil consultants enclosed comments: "It will also weaken central government and prevent it from carrying out its responsibilities such as social security, health, education etc".

The underlying cause of the dispute appears clear, that the Shia in the south, and the Kurds in the north want control over oil in their sectors.

This leaves the central government with no control over their prime economic assets, freezing out the Sunnis, who are one of the main actors in the current insurgency.

The allies who drew up the constitution therefore virtually guaranteed continued and worsening polarisation along ethnic and religious lines, as well as continued fighting.

Those responsible should be prosecuted for bringing permanent chaos and strife to the country.

Chris Clayton,

Hempland Drive,


Updated: 11:03 Tuesday, February 14, 2006