YORK Residents Against Incineration welcomes Coun Waller's comments about minimising waste and maximising recycling. We also welcome his support for mechanical biological treatment of waste.

It is hoped that he will use his influence to ensure that this is what we end up with, instead of just burning our waste.

To clarify though, it is a little unfair for Coun Waller to paint YRAIN as a Green Party campaign. Although our attempts to persuade the council to renounce incineration have Green Party support, the majority of our group is not affiliated to any political party.

We are contacting various groups and would gladly welcome support from other parties. There is a broad base of public concern about incineration, and we hope that this will be reflected by York's political parties as well.

Peter Sanderson,

York Residents Against


Wellington Street, York.

Updated: 11:02 Tuesday, February 14, 2006