I FIND it utterly amazing that Dr Roderic Vassie has the audacity to claim "Islam has given rise to a mature civilisation and has a long tradition of tolerance towards members of other faiths" (Letters, February 9).

Firstly, Islam has progressed very little in the last millennium, never mind the previous century. A mature civilisation is not one that treats women with utter contempt, stones adulterers and homosexuals to death, cannot accept any form of criticism whatsoever, and allows religion to rule over rationality.

This is not to say that religion should not help to form a nation, simply that it should not rule a nation.

The claim that Islam is a "mature civilisation" is extremely dangerous - more so when wet liberals are brainwashed into accepting that point of view.

Dr Vassie really should go and speak to the remaining enclaves of Christians in the Middle East, or the many Hindus in India, and find out just how tolerant Islam really is to "unbelievers". Murders and rapes are very much a fact of life for the unfortunate minorities in the Middle-East - all because they refuse to convert to the "religion of the sword".

Ian Dawson,

Askham Croft,


Updated: 11:02 Tuesday, February 14, 2006