BEING as you say, world-famous, you ought to have checked up on the fact that the Atlantic balloon flight Per Lindstrand and Richard Branson, above, undertook in 1987 was not an "attempt", but a success (November 21) - Swedish aviation expertise coupled with British grit (and money)!

At a science forum in London held soon afterwards, Per's only concern when they crash landed on an Ulster field early in the morning was how much the pair frightened the farmer and his wife. They subsequently made another "hop" across the Irish Sea, which also proved adventurous. A transatlantic balloon epic! Both men are great adventurers and we were informed and amused by Per's intimate knowledge of risky aviation travel.

I hope City of York Council will allow a trial period next summer for the proposed event.

The "planning protocols" need not be breached; only gale force winds will hold up flights on certain days, I fear.

Dick Midhage

Lumley Road,

Clifton, York.

Updated: 10:41 Friday, November 25, 2005