If you are interested in any of the following contracts, contact the Business Link Information Centre at Business Link North Yorkshire Ltd, Arabesque House, Monks Cross Drive, Huntington, York YO3 9GZ, Tel: 01904 686000.

Italy-Messina: Pill talk. The Italians are seeking medical consumables. Ref S54/144 (deadline April 28)

London: Thirsty work. University College London Hospitals NHS Trust requires a million cups of ward-based beverages. Ref S53/158 (deadline April 10)

Chelmsford: Pre-prepared food for thought. A to Z Supplies wants convenience food pre-mixes. Ref S51/163 (deadline April 9)

France-Lyons: Weed all about it. The French are seeking pesticides and other agro-chemical products for weed control. Ref S49/201 (deadline not specified)

Liverpool: Toast your success. The City of Liverpool requires draught and bottled beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks. They also require refrigeration and dispensing units for these products. Ref S54/116 (deadline April 20)

Liverpool: Crisps and shout. The City of Liverpool is seeking the supply of crisps, snacks, confectionery, and canned and carton drinks. Ref S54/121 (deadline April 20)

Bristol: Book deal. Frenchay Healthcare NHS Trust requires the provision of a subscription, journals, books and periodicals - purchase and management service. Ref S54/144 (deadline April 11)

Manchester: Deal on the table. The City of Manchester requires the supply and delivery of kitchen furniture. Ref S51/163 (deadline April 10)

London: Cover charge. The London Borough of Islington is seeking insurance services. Ref S51/188 (deadline April 9)

Bicester: Money in the bin The Ministry of Defence requires a range of plastic stacking bins and covers. Ref S51/161 (deadline April 21)

Ireland-Dublin: Green chip deal. The Department of Finance is seeking the design, development and implementation of a payable order reconciliation systems for the Irish Paymaster General's Office. Ref S54/174 (deadline April 16).

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