An old tram shed surrounded by an overgrown garden has become the focus of an ambitious community initiative.

The Moss Street depot in York will be transformed into a multi-purpose centre with activity and meeting space for all levels of the local community.

It is our latest entry in the Evening Press' Proud to Be York Campaign, which encourages York people to take an active part in making our city a more beautiful place all the year round.

The Moss Street Community Use Group steering committee has asked for £3,750 from the Bishophill Neighbourhood Forum run by the City of York Council Citizen Services to conduct surveys on the land, produce plans and fund the consultative process which will allow residents to have their say.

Hugh Bernays, secretary of the steering group, said: "We wouldn't be happy unless we'd told everyone about it. We want them to know that they really can respond.

"By doing this we will have a really good source of information about the sort of leisure services needed in the area."

The group was inspired by the St Nicholas Field project in Tang Hall which transformed a former rubbish site into a community field.

The project is still in its early stages, but it is hoped that eventually a new building containing facilities which can be used by both young and older people will be built on the site surrounded by a landscaped garden.

Two members of the steering group will be going to Chester this week to take part in a Planning For Real course run by a national organisation called the Neighbourhood Initiative Foundation.

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