She's one of the most famous figures in the region's rich history - and now she's back.

Staff at one of England's oldest tourist attractions believe they came face-to-face with the ghost of 15th century prophetess Mother Shipton.

Nine tour guides from Mother Shipton's Cave, near Knaresborough, volunteered to camp out in the cave after reports of unearthly goings-on.

Armed with sleeping bags and blankets, the ghostbusters timed their late night stay to coincide with a full moon and lunar eclipse after being told about sudden chills.

Alan Stukins, who was the first to notice that they were not alone in the cave, said: "It was sometime after 2am - I had been on watch about 15 minutes - when I saw something in the mouth of the cave.

"I was straining to see what it was because at first it just looked misty but then I felt my skin crawl as I made out a silhouette.

Other volunteers also caught a brief glimpse of the shadowy figure before it faded away."

Mother Shipton was born in the cave in 1488.

She became one of the world's leading mystics, predicting cars, planes and computers centuries ahead of their time.

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