I read with interest what the owners of the pub in Heworth, The Shoulder and Mutton, plan to do at Easter time and I think it is a novel idea to put up Crosses outside the pub and recreate the Garden of Gethsemene (Evening Press, March 27). I support them completely.

If Jesus were on earth today I know He would be visiting the people who go the pubs to tell them how much He loves them. I spent six weeks this summer in York and since 1979 consider York to be my real home away from home. So I read with interest your articles in the Evening Press via the Internet.

Easter is not about bunnies, new clothes or Easter eggs. We should all remember its real meaning.

It is about celebrating the Risen Saviour, Jesus Christ who came to take away our sins and prepare a place in Heaven for all those who will follow Him.

You can be sure that my next visit to York, hopefully the summer of 2000, I shall pay my respects to the Shoulder of Mutton pub.

Ms Marti Brutcher,




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