With daily begging letters from numerous sources, empty bags left for clothes and books, raffle tickets at the door (and wherever you may meet socially), cans or collecting boxes thrust at you on your shopping trips, TV appeals and the sponsorship of family and friends, charity is rapidly overtaking the kind of financial concern which you only associate with rent or mortgage.

It only wants letters from the more demanding charities to amend their reply forms 'Enclosed: 1 blank cheque, 2 £1,000, 3 £500, 4 £50, 5 Don't bother' and charity will be coming to an end.

Most people, even pensioners and non tax payers, would pay something to a central (perhaps a Government) fund to be distributed fairly by a committee (and cutting down on administration fees all charities experience) if they knew they could rest in peace.

I don't know how some charities can .afford to have the many glossy enclosures printed (at the expense of rain forests).

G Ross,

Huntington Road,


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