I wonder just how your reader Mr Wright of Easingwold (Letters, March 25), with all his political jargon, might feel if he found himself sitting in one of those horse-drawn carts we have seen on television?

Being driven from his home, leaving behind all that was his life and future and the future of his children and heading for where?

Just whatever country is humane enough to give them refuge.

Surely, in their dreadful plight, it must be of some comfort to those fleeing Kosovo that there are others in this world caring enough to step in to try and halt the killings and atrocities being carried out by the Serbs.

I would not call the help and eventual sacrifices proffered by Nato as "inflicting our will on Yugoslavia".

It is sad that all negotiations to bring peace have failed and that the air attacks seem to be the only solution.

We all realise that lives will be lost, this is not mentioned lightly, but how many more will die, be driven from their homes or live a life of fear if we do not?

J Moore,



...Mr Wright has got it wrong again. None of the organisations which he mentions are in any way a substitute for the European Union which now takes 60 per cent of our trade. Nato is not a trading organisation, EFTA (since Austria, Finland and Sweden joined the EU) consists of two of the smallest countries in Europe.

The EU provides a market of 360 million people.

He is right on only one point in urging us to vote at the June elections but then entirely wrong to urge a vote for anti-Europe candidates who are fundamentally unpatriotic.

They would take Britain, now a respected partner nation, into a future of isolation and national decline, Mr Wright's dream would turn out to be a nightmare.

This year we have a real opportunity to elect candidates who can ensure a more democratic Europe and a more efficient and accountable Commission, a start had been made with the appointment of a new president with a good track record.

Richard O Whiting.

Redman Close,



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