HARRY Potter creator J K Rowling showed her heart was with her young fans when she averted a potential real-life drama on a visit to York during her whirlwind national tour to promote her latest blockbuster.

At one point during a photocall at the National Railway Museum the author jumped to her feet and dashed across the platform - but not to avoid the lenses or the "stalker" that has reportedly troubled her.

Instead she was running to make sure one of her youngest fans, three-year-old Leyla Bolton from York, didn't fall down the platform steps.

That moment over, J K Rowling returned briefly for the cameras, before being whisked off by her entourage to sign books and make dreams come true for about 400 waiting children.

There was tight security for the author, whose latest book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is expected to sell five million copies.

PICTURE: POTTER TRAINED: J K Rowling with little fan Leyla Bolton at the National Railway Museum. Looking on in their wizard costumes are (from left) Marie B Boon, Jenny Oakenfull and Sacha Bolton Picture: Garry Atkinson