If you want a home that is out of this world, watch this space, says MAXINE GORDON.

DO you dream of sleeping under the stars, dining by moonlight or soaking in the tub as shooting stars fall to earth? Well that dream could become a reality with a helping hand from Selby firm Cosmic Ceilings.

Set up two years ago by husband and wife team Louise and Richard Dobson, the couple have perfected the art of bringing the universe indoors.

Whether it's a stellar constellation in the bedroom, a planetary mural in the bathroom or a comet shooting across the hallway, Cosmic Ceilings is the fairy godmother of interior design which can make your every celestial wish come true.

Using specially-formulated 'invisible' paint, the company's artists create the cosmic scene of your choice. But the real star turn is that the design only comes to life after dark, giving house proud star-gazers the best of both worlds.

"It's like magic," says Richard. "The mural is virtually invisible in the daylight or electric light, so it doesn't interfere with your existing decor. The whole thing only becomes visible when it's dark. It's just like having your own planetarium."

The designs are proving popular with children and adults alike. For children, says Richard, artists can create fantastic space-scapes full of planets, meteorites and shooting stars. Alternatively, for wannabe Patrick Moores, actual star constellations can be accurately copied - great as an educational tool and for any youngsters afraid of the dark.

Louise and Richard weren't surprised to learn that Britain's most famous tot, Brooklyn Beckham, has the nursery of his new home decorated with stars.

"They are great for nurseries," says Louise. "And it's great for parents too, who have to feed during the night. They can sit in the dark and relax, their heart slows down and it's soothing for the baby."

While many adults like fantasy scapes, such as planets and shooting stars, more prefer a reproduction of the sky at night.

"Lots of grown-ups find looking at stars relaxing," she says. "But it's romantic too. People have been on holiday and walked along the beach at night, under the stars. They'd love to do the same at home, and this is one way to do it."

The choice of design is infinite and the company's artists work with each client to create a unique work of art.

"It can be any night sky," says Richard. "It can be the northern or southern hemisphere, any month, any season or even a particular date which commemorates a birthday or anniversary."

And because the work is done in one day, it lends itself to a being a perfect surprise present - albeit for a special occasion as prices for the average room come in at around £350.

"We did one for a 16th birthday," recalls Louise. "We went in after the girl had gone to school, did the work, and left the room as we found it. Her mum even replaced the CDs which were on the floor. She had no idea what had been done until she went to bed."

People who follow their astrological sign can also have its constellation added into any design, adds Richard.

The couple use special star maps to help create as authentic a night sky as possible, with everything in its correct place.

Louise began decorating ceilings with stars while she was a "stressed-out" student in London in an attempt to 'chill out'.

"I'm from Northallerton and looking at stars was something I enjoyed. I wasn't into astronomy, I just liked stars. Of course, in London, you can't see anything but a red glow. One of my earliest childhood memories was looking up at the black, night sky and seeing the twinkling lights."

Louise began experimenting with different materials in an attempt to bring the outdoors inside, graduating from silver paper to specialist hobby paints. After years of searching, she finally got a manufacturer to make the water-based acrylic paint the company uses today.

After experimenting on her own home, Louise did commissions for friends and family while working as a teacher.

Today, the couple are surrounded by examples of their work at their home in Thorpe Willoughby, which includes a moonlight scene in the dining room.

"It's so nice to sit in there after dinner and chat by moonlight - it's a great atmosphere," says Louise.

From their small HQ in Selby's Ousegate, the couple take commissions from across the country. They also sell a line of 'cosmic gifts' - a range of handmade clocks, picture frames, night lights and mirrors on an astral theme.

Among the collection are clocks in shooting star and meteorite frames, a picture frame in the shape of a spaceship, a clock with a planetary ring around it and a mirror surrounded by moons and stars.

"Because they are hand-made, no two items are the same," explains Louise.

Some items are specially treated so they glow in the dark, too.

While Louise and Richard are happy to help customers create the cosmic look of their choice, there was one request which was just too weird to contemplate.

"One man wanted us to paint the devil on his garage door so that when he drove up at night the devil would be looking out at him," says Louise. "I drew the line there - I just wouldn't feel comfortable doing anything like that!"

For more information about Cosmic Ceilings or to request a free computer CD showing its designs and products telephone 01757 708239 or email info@cosmic-ceilings.co.uk. The website address is: www.cosmic-ceilings.co.uk

You can also order cosmic murals and gifts online through Shoppers World on the Evening Press website: www.thisisyork.co.uk

Louise and Richard say that any reader who orders a Cosmic Ceiling in the next four weeks will receive a free Saturn wall clock, worth £20.95 - once the mural is completed and paid for.