The dust has finally settled and our new showroom has opened in Monkgate. A lot of people have asked why we have moved and the main reason is the need for more space.

Customers who knew the property which we have bought which was formerly a newsagents cannot believe where the new-found space has come from. But as we always say it is not always the amount of space available, but how it can be used most effectively.

Last year, we faced one of our biggest spatial design challenges to date: redesigning the interior of a caravan. When we were first approached by the caravan company we thought it was a joke, but soon realised they were deadly serious.

The initial visit to see the caravan production line made us realise the task we had ahead. The caravan interiors seemed to be stuck in a 1960s time warp, with pink velvet seats, patterned carpets and lots of teak furniture. It was quite tempting to walk away at this point, but we decided it would be a great opportunity to test our design skills.

The first thing we did was to look at the exterior. Each caravan looked the same, so we decided we had to make the outside look appealing before we set about the inside.

A local company, Jet Screen, came to the rescue with a brilliant way of putting our designs on to their computer and producing huge transfers which could be stuck straight on to the caravan.

Inside, storage was the key. When the caravan was on the move everything had to be stowed away.

We looked at all the items that had to be contained in the space, and started simply by making a list. The same approach can be applied to planning a room. It makes you think about all the unnecessary junk we all tend to hoard.

The biggest complaint we hear from our clients is 'there is nowhere to put anything'. What they really mean is they have the space but it is badly planned for the way they live. As an example look at people who permanently live in small spaces like houseboats or static caravans, they have a place for everything and everything in its place.

The caravan design was such a success we were asked to do two more for the company for their stand at the Caravan Show at Earls Court, the only problem was the exteriors of the caravans were so eye-catching the police were concerned about causing accidents from people staring at them on the motorways, so our designs were eventually watered down before they hit the production line!

So before you decide it is time to move because you have outgrown a place perhaps the first thing to do is think of how you would cope living in a caravan. Hire a skip and be ruthless - chuck out all that clutter you have accumulated over the years and watch your home grow.

Designer's choice

Blinds are becoming more and more fashionable, and finally we have found a company which really knows its stuff. 'Eclectics' has launched The First Contemporary Blind Collection and they are stunning. Here, we show Fiesta available in great colours with perspex-weighted bases. Prices from around £85, available from Plaskitt & Plaskitt.

Looks for less

We have just completed work on a show flat in Fetter Lane which was great fun to do (open to the public very soon). The best part was going shopping to Ikea for all the accessories. The absolute best buy we found was this artist shelf, left. The simple design is an absolute classic. For the rock bottom price of £33 it would be impossible to buy the timber for the shelves alone, never mind the steel legs for this kind of money!

Problem time

Question: I have just bought a flat which has a very small bathroom. It has no window, so no natural light. Can you give me any ideas on making it seem larger?

Answer: You need to create an illusion. The best way to achieve this is with mirrors and lights. Have one wall completely covered with a sheet of mirror (check the size first to make sure you can get it into the flat), then use ceiling recessed downlighters to cast light down the mirror. The room will immediately look twice the size.

Each month, we will answer your interior design queries. We cannot reply individually to each inquiry. We aim to ensure all products and companies mentioned are reputable but readers must deal with them at their own risk. Send your questions to Plaskitt & Plaskitt, 59 Monkgate, York Y031 7PB.