YORK'S threatened swimming pools could be saved as the Liberal Democrats start action to secure their future.

The Lib Dems will ask City of York Council to accept that Yearsley and the Barbican pools will remain at the first full meeting since two by-election victories which meant Labour lost overall control.

Their motion will be accepted if the party can get the support of the council's three Conservative members - who do not plan to vote for closures.

The motion reads: "In the light of recent by-election results and the 25,000 signature petition to the council, officers be instructed to report on how swimming provision can be sustained at the present pool locations."

Liberal Democrat leader Steve Galloway said, if it was passed, the motion would be an acceptance that the pools would not close.

He said: "It would mean that the question is no longer will the pools close, but how are we going to keep them open?"

Yearsley Pool campaigner Fiona Evans said today: "This is excellent news. It is what the campaigners have been pushing for all this time.

"This shows that somebody is listening to us, and I can only hope that the Conservatives will support it."

The motion will also ask:

That investigations are made to find out how the Barbican site can be used to create extra capital.

That £400,000 for pool improvements be re-instated to the council's budget.

That business options for funding pools are made publicly available as soon as possible.

A date has not been set for the council meeting, but it is expected to be within the next ten days.

Conservative leader John Galvin said they would be introducing their own amendment, but declined to reveal what it would be.

A council spokesman said they were not yet revealling an independent report into how much repairs to the pools would cost.

Labour group leader Rod Hills was not available for comment