If ever York Wasps needed to pull off a result this was it - and it wasn't on the pitch.

The granting of a stay of execution in the High Court was possibly the most important victory in York's 100-year history.

And the Wasps owe a big debt of gratitude to Russell Greenfield who convinced the judge not to wind-up the club on the spot.

There was a chance Greenfield wouldn't even be allowed to read his prepared speech in the Court. In the end he was, and he delivered it with perfect aplomb.

Without wanting to put any blame on late chairman Trevor Cox, he expl-ained that nobody had really been in a position to run the club for some time.

He also outlined the club's long history and its importance to the people of North Yorkshire, while asking for time for "John Stabler's consortium" to put together a package to satisfy the creditors.

He asked for three months, expected three weeks at the most and was more than happy when the judge awarded the club 63 days.

But that is only the first step on a long and difficult road.

The club could still be wound-up on August 9 if support is not forthcoming. This has to be the motivation for businesses and the fans to get behind the club, otherwise Stabler and Greenfield might as well let it die.

As it is they have been given the chance of a fresh new dawn - let's grab it with both hands.

Well done to all the mascots who helped lighten the mood at Huntington Stadium on Sunday.

Bradford's Bullman and Bullboy deserve special credit for making the journey. And Yorkie proved he is a real star regardless of the sport - him and Bullman carrying a dead Wobby on the stretcher at half-time before dumping him into the sandpit was a sight to behold.

And well done to the Woblike one, Pete Miller, for organising everything, including the half-time race.

The performance of Rufus the Robin certainly struck a chord with Hull KR fans, as one of them posted on the Hull KR website this week: "Why was Rufus's race against the other mascots like Rovers' season - it started at a cantor and surged into the lead, only to fade dramatically in the closing stages, with slight recovery at the end. Only to collapse in a heap over the line.

The same could be said of Wobby's antics - never in touch after a bad start, carried to a sandy grave on the verge of death only to jump back to life to live another day.

From packing down in the second row to packing down soil - that's Wasps duo Spencer Hargrave and Andy Hill.

The pair will not only be playing alongside each other but also working alongside each other after deciding to go into business together - as landscape gardeners.

Apparently that used to be Hargrave's trade until he decided to go full-time with Castleford, and he is now keen get back to his roots (get it?).

So if water features and decorative stone paving suddenly start popping up around the Huntington Stadium pitch, you know who's to blame.

ARE match-day officials at Huntington Stadium ever going to learn?

For the third time against Hull KR last week, the touch judges appeared wearing amber shirts and black shorts, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the York players.

And for the third time they re-appeared at half-time with changed tops having obviously created problems for both teams.

We all know York could do with all the extra players they can get, but this is taking things just a bit too far. A bit of common sense next time please touch judges!

YORK Academy's younger crop of players could get another chance against Featherstone Academy on Sunday after a creditable performance against Hull KR.

York were forced to field five 16-year-olds because of the older players' involvement in the Interworks final on the same day.

And although the Wasps lost 50-6, coach Dean Thomas said: "They all played really well. The older lads who were in the Interworks might have to wait to get back in the team."

Thomas himself was back in hospital this week for a check on his broken leg.

He said it had not been getting any better and was still painful so he was visiting hospital as a precaution.

PICTURE: CARRIED AWAY: Wasps mascot Wobby is stretchered to the sandpit by visiting mascots Yorkie (York City), right, and Bullman (Bradford Bulls), at Huntington Stadium last week. Wobby soon got back to his feet.