A MARKET town's civic leaders have decided it is time one of its hidden garden treasures became less of a secret for tourists.

Bebra Gardens cling defiantly to the cliffside which tumbles down to the River Nidd Gorge at Knaresborough.

But the trouble with Bebra Gardens is that many visitors - and even some locals - just don't know how to find them.

Now Knaresborough Town Council has decided it is time to put the delightful little gardens firmly on the tourists' trail with tourists' signs.

A council spokesman said the issue of providing signs would be raised when a top Harrogate Borough Council official meets the town council this week.

"If people do find Bebra Gardens they will see beautiful trees, a children's paddling pool and seats to sit on. There are also some nice views down the river," said the spokesman.

The gardens, which do not even rate a mention in the official Harrogate District Guide, are situated below Knaresborough Castle's moat, but on a route in the opposite direction from the famous picture postcard view of the Nidd looking towards the railway viaduct.

Named after Knaresborough's twin town in Germany, Bebra Gardens are also reached from Brewerton Street, close to the town centre.

"They are well worth finding, but we hope to make it so much easier with the signs. The problem was highlighted by visitors who completed questionnaires about the town. Councillors said they were not surprised so few people went there because they just did not realise the place existed," said the Knaresborough council official.