PROTESTERS marched on RAF Fylingdales at the weekend to demonstrate against a proposed new defence system.

The action was called by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) who are opposed to British bases being used as part of the American National Missile Defence System, which is still being tested.

The programme is nicknamed the Star Wars project.

Rachel Julian, of Yorkshire CND, said: "The demonstration went really well. We had about 200 people turn up and two people were escorted up to the base to hand in a declaration that we would continue a campaign against the defence system."

RAF Fylingdales could become a radar base for the system. CND believes this would increase the threat of attack to the North Yorkshire area if this went ahead.

PICTURE: ABOVE: A police officer stands by a CND protest banner at the entrance to RAF Fylingdales. RIGHT: CND protesters make their way to the base