A SKATEBOARD arena in a disused area of a York car park is set to be given the go-ahead, despite opposition from residents.

People living near the proposed site, next to the Foss Islands Road branch of Sainsbury's, are concerned about noise levels coming from the dozens of young people expected to visit each evening.

But a six-month trial period when noise levels are monitored will be recommended to City of York Council's planning and transport committee when it meets on Thursday.

Development control officer Chris Newsome said: "The skate park would enable an unused and rather forgotten corner of the car park to be brought to life, to serve a useful social purpose.

"There is a recognised need for skateboard provision youth workers get continuous requests for facilities when talking to young people."

More than 20 people living near to the site, including 17 in Feversham House, have written to the council complaining that skateboarders made an "atrocious" noise when they previously made unauthorised use of another part of the car park.

But the council says the skate park will be further away from housing than the area that led to the complaints.

And Mr Newsome said: "Solid screening should be erected within the car park to blank off the skate area and reduce the chance of noise transmission to Feversham House.

"The screening will also prevent unauthorised entry into the rest of the car park from the skateboard storage area to avoid a repeat of previous problems in the car park.

"Subject to a temporary approval for six months, the provision of adequate screening inside the car park to prevent loss of amenity through noise for residents and suitable fencing to the perimeter, the application is supported by officers."

The skate park would replace an existing one in a Piccadilly car park which is set for redevelopment as part of the proposed Coppergate expansion.

If given permission, it would be supervised at all times and open from 7pm to 9pm Monday to Thursday and 2pm to 6pm on Sundays.