I thank the many people who have contacted me following the publication of my letter about John Barry (November 18).

My ambition, and intention, to have this amazingly-talented York man honoured by his own city has obviously struck a popular chord with the people of the city.

I have been very taken by all the messages of appreciation, endorsement and encouragement I have received and, although it is impossible for me to reply to each one individually, I hope this expression of my gratitude will suffice.

It is very gratifying also to know John Barry is still held in such affection, and his wonderful music is so much appreciated, here in his home city.

I only hope that the Lord Mayor and city council share our enthusiasm to see John Barry honoured with the Honorary Freedom of the City.

I made a point of faxing the cuttings from the Evening Press to John's home in Long Island, New York. A few evenings ago he called me to ask me to convey to your newspaper and your readers his heartfelt thanks for your support of my campaign.

He feels "thrilled" by the comments which have been made so far and awaits my further news with great interest.

So all we can now do is wait for the decision of the city council to see whether York has any intention of honouring John Barry as the movie industry and the Queen have already done.

Peter Stanhope,

Grange Close,

Skelton, York.

...You were right to point out that John Barry was short-listed for York's Millennium Person of the Year award (November 24).

Unfortunately, he did not reply to any of the letters sent to him telling him of his nomination or inviting him to the awards ceremony. Consequently, we had no indication that he would have been proud to receive an honour from his home town.

Peter Berry,

Chair, York Millennium Coordination Committee

c/o The Guildhall,