A Heroin-addicted thief arrived at court with his bags packed - and begged York magistrates to lock him so he could complete a drug rehabilitation course.

Timothy Daniel Phillips, 22, said he wanted to continue the course he started at The Wolds Prison.

He also thanked the probation service for revoking his parole from a five-year sentence.

Earlier this year Phillips, of Wains Road, Dringhouses, York, was released on parole after serving part of a five-year total sentence for serious offences.

His solicitor John Howard told magistrates he then received a £5,000 inheritance - and spent it in six weeks on heroin.

He had become addicted and turned to crime.

On October 23, Phillips pleaded guilty at York Magistrates Court to stealing £40.87-worth of cigarettes from Threshers Wine Shop and a £29.99 computer game from Universal Book Store on September 20, stealing a bag and contents worth together £103 on September 22, and deceiving Game Station on September 26 into giving him cash for three stolen computer games.

His case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report.

Three days later, Mr Howard told magistrates, Phillips started a month in jail for failing to observe the conditions of his parole.

At The Wolds Prison he went on a six-week drug rehabilitation course. But he had only just begun it when he was again released because he had finished his month's recall to prison.

He came straight back to York Magistrates Court to be sentenced for the September offences.

"He wants to finish the course which he sees as the only way to conquer his addiction long term," said Mr Howard.

"He thanks the probation service for recalling him on his licence."

Magistrates gave him a 16-week sentence and told him they sincerely hoped the course would work.